Effective Sports Massage

Effective Sports Massage

New Level Massage provides leading sports massage therapy, aimed at restoring and relieving the body of acute tension and injury. Focusing on the recovery process, the practice employs a combination of techniques to fully restore the body to enable it to perform optimally. The aim is to get you and your body feeling balanced, flexible and healthy, ready to be on the move again. Through my practice, we strive to enhance your form, correcting problems to get your body to peak physical condition.

For regular clients who make a booking once or more then once per month, the price automatically become £70 for 90 min, regardless of your treatment choice. (£55 for 60 min)

The Technique

Sports Massage is, first and foremost, a strand of support. Commonly referred to as sports massage therapy, it’s a practice of care, considered a specialised form of relief designed to address injured areas. It’s a structured technique, devised to rectify problems in soft tissue caused by repetitive or strenuous activity. We target intimate areas to alleviate different strains and stresses, working closely with affected muscles to efficiently relieve pain. Deep tissue massage, stretching and focused pressure are applied on a case-by-case basis, helping to alleviate soreness, improve circulation and enhance overall motion.

The Benefits

The benefits of sports massage are acute. Active and attentive motion promotes efficient circulation, aiding in the removal of metabolic waste and reducing muscle soreness, while regular massage helps to identify areas of tension, preventing disruption and impact. Mentally, the therapy promotes relaxation, instilling a positive attitude toward training and performance.


Appointments are delivered flexibly, accommodating you. We work remotely, bringing a professional massage kit to your space to make you feel at ease throughout the experience. We work locally to serve the area widely, committed to bringing profound recovery techniques to you, your body and your mind.

Book A Tailored Sports Massage

Our practice was set up to guide clients into better physical health through relaxing, tailored and targeted techniques. We mindfully embed my patients in our remote practice, using sports massage to initiate a full healing process. Contact us directly to find out more about improving your health resourcefully and book a tailored sports massage.

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