Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Relax with a Deep Tissue Massage in Golders-Green in the comfort of your own home. New customer treatments £80 for 90 minutes DBS Checked.

We offer specialist massage treatment designed to heal, nourish and nurture the body holistically. Deep tissue massage provides clients with a profound experience, elevating the way the body feels. Tailored to release tension and alleviate muscle discomfort, the technique delves into the deeper layers of muscle and fascia, targeting knots and areas of strain. As a specialist, we focus on providing a soothing remedy, finding acute relief for the body by applying pressure directly and tactfully.

For regular clients who make a booking once or more then once per month, the price automatically become £70 for 90 min, regardless of your treatment choice. (£55 for 60 min)

Our Services

Our services are grounded in care. We carefully tailor our work to concentrate on muscle knots, tightness and tension, relieving the body readily. We mindfully embed patients in our practice, using massage therapy to initiate a full healing process. Through mindful application, we provide an intense restorative session, nurturing the body toward feeling healthier and renewed.

Our Mobile Massage Services

Our mobile massage services are structured to allow my massages to be deeply accommodating, providing a nurturing experience in a nurturing environment. We aim to deliver our work in a space that you’re comfortable in, adapting what we do based on your personal requirements. We offer variable time slots, attending to your body according to its needs. We aim to improve and clarify your outlook, inducing a deep sense of relaxation to invoke a calming state for the mind.

Our Credentials

With over 15 years of experience tending to injuries through acute and intense practice, our abilities at curing, restoring and healing the body are trained, refined and accurate. Working remotely allows us to accommodate you in the comfort of your own space, enhancing the relaxation the treatment prescribes. We work across the local area within a 15-mile radius, operating flexibly and reliably. We offer you a restorative space to step into, comfortably settling you into your deep tissue massage experience.

Book A Personalised Massage

We tailor our treatment to you, offering alternative approaches to suit your needs. Our flexible booking policy, with sessions booked without a time limit to allow ample time for focused treatment, ensures you get what you need out of a deep tissue massage with us. With lower rates on offer for repeat clients after the first experience, we provide an accessible way for you to access guaranteed relaxation and reassurance for the body through our mobile deep tissue massage service.

Massage Done in The Comfort of Your Own Home