Luxury Swedish Massage

Luxury Swedish Massage

New Level Massage focuses on providing you with an attentive service that covers relief and recovery. We work attentively, concentrating on soothing your body through techniques that are designed to provide relief. Working with varying massage techniques, we apply ourselves directly to the curing and healing process, using long, flowing strokes, circular motions and pressure to promote strong holistic well-being.

For regular clients who make a booking once or more then once per month, the price automatically become £70 for 90 min, regardless of your treatment choice. (£55 for 60 min)

Swedish Massage

Known alternatively as a classic massage, this deeply therapeutic technique elegantly soothes the body. Prescribed as a remedy for developed tension, the model promotes stress relief, relaxation and well-being, concentrating on the soft tissues and muscles to calm the central nervous system. It’s everything you’d expect from a physical cleanse, purifying your posture and designating a sense of peace. Enacted softly, through varying degrees of pressure, the full procedure activates a resting state for the body, offering a tranquil space for it to fully settle into.

Our Approach

Our approach is centred on healing. We aim to stimulate an authentic response from the body, supplying it with relief. Our massage technique uses a hands-on method with a varied use of pressure to find tense points and ease muscles. Gliding, kneading, rubbing and tapping are used to control how the body responds to the treatment and enliven its receptiveness.

Our Aim

Our aim is to make you feel relaxed, renewed and refreshed. Your body, your mind and your healing process are what underpin my values, and we aspire to guide you toward transformation by delivering reputable techniques with a bespoke level of sensitivity and care.

How We Work

As qualified masseuses, our focus is to give the gift of therapy to our local community. We work remotely specifically for you, aiming to unlock your needs and construct a therapy plan that caters to them distinctly. We offer structured sessions, implementing them in ways that are tailored to you. Working with us means trusting in our process, our hands and our vision, securing progress and physical improvement from your full-body Swedish massage sessions.

Hire A Mobile Massage Therapist

As a DBS-certified practitioner, we strive to embed our practice in standards that are profound, acknowledged and visible. Your physical well-being is our priority, focused on above all during our relieving Swedish massage therapy.

Massage Done in The Comfort of Your Own Home